Shipping Times



At BroGadget Store we do our best to ship your products in the shortest time.  

This is an approximate of how the process works: 

  1. You buy a product/s from us at BroGadget Store.
  2. From 12 to 48 hours we order your product from BroGadget´s warehouses. (This gives you time to change, add or cancel your order/variants, etc)
  3. Due to the big amount of orders that our warehouses receive, your order takes 2 -7 days to be processed. (Depends on shipping method you choose).
  4. Depending on the shipping method you choose the product/s can take from 10 to 60 days to arrive. (It´s completely normal that the shipping times vary, so dont worry, we´ve got you completely covered. If you want to get sure about how we´ve got you covered, please visit our refund and returns policy)
  5. NOT all our products have tracking. If the shipping method you choose has tracking, we´ll send you the tracking number to the same e-mail you provide in the checkout process. 
  6. We are absolutely and 100% committed to bring you the best service. Please every time you have a doubt about your product contact us to 
  7. Finally! Your product arrives, you enjoy, give us feedback and we´ll be glad to have another happy customer.
  8. In a effort to improve your shipping times, we ship directly from warehouses with current inventory of your items. Instead of waiting for all your items to arrive at a central location and then ship to you, you will receive individually packaged/shipped items.

    We have two shipping methods.

    • Standard SAFE Shipping: $2.99 ( 20-60 days )
    • Premium SAFE Shipping: $24.99 (10-30 days)

    As we mentioned earlier, not all products have tracking. Altough we are constantly tracking them for you. 

    It´s completely normal that a product/ arrives in a different date than estimated, many factors are outside BroGadget´s control. (for example: weather conditions, etc.) All of this is explained in the shipping section in our refund and returns policy.


    Someone purchased a Thermal Changing Color Case / IPhone

    Someone purchased a Fidget Cube™

    Someone purchased a USB Anti-Theft Bag Unisex/Multipurpose

    Someone purchased a Selfie Flash Lightning Ring

    Someone purchased a Natural Wood Hard Case For iPhone

    Someone purchased a LED Illumination Metal Gaming Mouse

    Someone purchased a Magic LED Panel (For Book Lovers)